Kulturpunkt Kiosk API

Published views:

Demo (Owner: Ulfs museum)
Default view (Owner: Nordiska museet)
Default visningstre (Owner: Testeier)
Huvudvy (Owner: Statens maritima museer)
Default view (Owner: Arkitektur- och designcentrum)
Standard view (Owner: Lewi)
Döden (Owner: Ulfs museum)
Hår iPadversion (Owner: Nordiska museet)
Fast utstilling - iPad (Owner: Ibsenmuseet)
iPadvisning (Owner: Elektronisk Kulturpunkt)
visning2 (Owner: Lewi)
Nordlandsbanen (Owner: Norsk Jernbanemuseum)
Til tross for... (Owner: Norges Olympiske Museum)
Publikens val (Owner: Nordiska museet)
Standard view (Owner: Queensbridge)
API til web (Owner: Ekebergparken)
Demotest (Owner: Testeier)
Demo (Owner: Elektronisk Kulturpunkt)
Kiosk Ufredsår (Owner: Ekebergparken)
Olympismen (Owner: Norges Olympiske Museum)
Publikens val 2 (Owner: Nordiska museet)
Kiosk View (Owner: MIST - Kystmuseet)
Standard view (Owner: TestDev)
Publikens val 3 (Owner: Nordiska museet)

All of the published views are available at /views

All data from a published view is available through "/view/:id/load_all". Data is output in the JSON format.

Each view contains a tree structure. Some of the elements in the tree are of a generic type, which may or may not hold certain attributes. This is determined by their "type" attribute. The 3 generic elements (so far) are of type "node", "record" and "page". These are referred to as "main elements".

NB: The term "Node", as used here, is equal to a folder in the system. An "object" in the JSON structure is referred to as an element!

The first element contains two attributes: "Data", which holds all of the data, and "Result", which contains either "success" or "failed", depending on the success of the request.

The first element inside "data" is the root node of the view/tree.

The tree structure